Three Styles of Green Witchcraft

Green Practice as Folk Art

This approach to the Green Craft comes under the umbrella of mainstream religion: practicing the Craft is to work magics using the new names of the deities of power, and celebrate the traditional holidays with the understanding of their Pagan origins. Folk Art Witches may invoke the Power as the energies of the deities, angels, saints, and the Holy Spirit, and may adapt other cultural images into their practice, such as the Virgin Mary.


Green Practice as Personal Magics

This variety of the Green Craft as a Natural Witchcraft elevates the Mannuz (mahn-NU) or the Human; Runic “Mannaz”; the Self to union with the Universe, enhancing the personal power of the Witch through the energies of herbs and natural objects and directing this to accomplish a goal. Ritual, magic tools, and conscious spellwork functions through the Elementals, and a Grimoire is created to codify tables of magical correspondences for a successful practice. Religion plays no part, save as the Witch and the Unnamed All work together through Nature with honesty, instinct, and intuition.


Green Practice as Religion

This type of Green Craft identifies the Goddess and God in partnership with the Witch through a self-initiation for introduction and learning, and later by complete union in a self-dedication. As a religion, magic is often directed through personal communion with the Goddess and God, identified as female and male in balance. There are rituals of religious observances including Sabbats and Esbats, and special days honoring aspects and manifestations of the Divine throughout the Wheel of the Year.

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  1. For me, my Craft is an eclectic mix between Personal Magics and Religion. Though I am not religious, I do acknowledge the Goddess in my Craft, I do honor the Wheel of the Year and observe Sabbats and occasional Esbats for spellwork. I have adapted Sabbat rituals to a pattern more suitable to my personal tastes. My Craft is about self-empowerment and self-actualization. As Witches, we are catalysts: we manifest. I work in accord with the Elementals to manifest success in my endeavors, and I harness my intuition and trust in my personal power.


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