"My child," the goddess said, "Though many ages have passed and lives have you lived, the flow of the priestess still moves within you, and the crescent moon still glows upon your brow whether you see it or not. This deep inner knowing that moves within you is calling you back home to yourself to... Continue Reading →

Black Moon of Lilith

A black moon is a rare event that only occurs when there's a second new moon in a calendar month. The black moon is seen as an omen of change and hidden truths being brought to light. Just as there's a "mean" and a "true" Lunar Node, so there is a "mean" and "true" ellipse... Continue Reading →

Coven and Craft Terms

Adept: The state acquired by an initiate into a group, particularly Ceremonial Magic, when material gain is no longer desired, and spiritual growth has come to such a degree that Nature is at one’s command. Air: Elemental representing East; sunrise; yellow / red; childhood; intellect; thought; mind; tarot suit of swords; victory; power; conflict; conscious... Continue Reading →

Circles and Circle Casting

CIRCLE CASTING NOTES During Circle casting, if outdoors, substitute "walls and floors" with "air and ground." Change "I" to "we" when others are participating. Use appropriate Altar and Circle decorations for the seasons: flowers, leaves, shells, stones, crystals, cord, or meaningful objects. The Sigil for anointing may be a Pentagram; Triple Moon; Solar Cross; Lunar... Continue Reading →

Three Styles of Green Witchcraft

Green Practice as Folk Art This approach to the Green Craft comes under the umbrella of mainstream religion: practicing the Craft is to work magics using the new names of the deities of power, and celebrate the traditional holidays with the understanding of their Pagan origins. Folk Art Witches may invoke the Power as the... Continue Reading →


.   And for altar inspiration, check out this Pinterest board of some of the best altar images from the web!

The Wheel of the Year

Witches celebrate the eight Pagan and Celtic festivals referred to as the Wheel of the Year. This is a calendar of observances beginning with Samhain, a Wiccan New Year festival, better known today as Halloween, Hallowe’en, and All Hallow’s Eve. QUARTERS & CROSS QUARTERS QUARTERS—GREEN {LESSER} SABBATS Yule—Winter Solstice {12/21} Ostara—Spring Equinox {3/21} Litha—Summer Solstice... Continue Reading →

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