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Merry meet, and welcome to our digital Covenstead. Herein, we will collectively study the tenets of Witchcraft, form our coven, define our tradition, and create our Grimoires / Books of Shadows. The general outline for our online study for summer 2020 is as follows:

  1. Witchcraft: A General Overview, including Green Witchcraft, the three styles of Green Witchcraft, Tools & Materials, Altars, and Grimoires / Books of Shadows.
  2. Circles and Circle Casting
  3. Esbat Rituals
  4. Wheel of the Year / Calendar of Observances / Sabbats
  5. Sabbat Rituals
  6. Consecrations & Other Rituals
  7. Astrology
  8. Divination
  9. Spellcraft

We will conclude the final Spellcraft module sometime in October, with the intent to celebrate the Samhain Sabbat together in person in Buffalo. Stay tuned for the schedule. This course is designed as self-study, Zoom conference, and discussion.



Blessed Be!

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